Owens Corning cultured stone products are available in more than 21 textures and more than 100 colors. Cultured Stone® manufactured stone veneers meet AC-51 criteria, the strictest requirements in the industry.

Highest quality. Most recognized. Most used. Whatever the category, Cultured Stone® Stone Veneer and Brick Veneer dominates. It's clear we know stone, but we also know it takes more than a solid reputation to remain an industry leader. It takes quality products, innovative technology and creative solutions - all of which we offer. And everything that makes our stone stand apart.

Owens Corning Cultured Stone® products originated in 1962 when brothers Garrett and Floyd Brown of Vallejo, California saw the need for a new kind of building material. They developed manufactured stone veneer: exact replicas of natural stones used for building, cast in flexible molds and hand colored with iron oxide pigments. Made of lightweight aggregate materials, the veneers were approximately one-quarter the weight of full-thickness stone and could be adhered to most wall surfaces. Soon Cultured Stone® products were distributed throughout the United States and Canada. Today, the trademark CSV® (Cultured Stone® Veneer) stamp still appears on each and every piece of stone to guarantee customers they are getting the original: a proven and preferred brand they can trust and take pride in.

For more information about their products visit: www.culturedstone.com