Solid aluminum construction. No rusting. No distortion. No painting. The Leaf Relief by Ply Gem Gutter Protection System has been manufactured to exacting standards to ensure a quality product.

Leaf Relief® by Ply Gem is more effective than other types of gutter protection at keeping natural debris, such as leaves, twigs and pine needles, from blocking your gutters.

Leaf Relief® by Ply Gem can drain 29.7" of rainfall an hour - that's more than the highest rainfall ever recorded (Holt, Missouri 1947 at 12") in one hour. Leaf Relief® is not only the most effective gutter protection system on the market, it is also the most invisible. Leaf Relief® lays flat and fits snugly on top of your gutter.

  • Virtually Eliminates Maintenance
  • Solid aluminum construction. No rusting.
  • No distortion. No painting.
  • Completely Weather & Pest Resistant
  • Mounts securely and stays firmly in place to resist high winds, heavy amounts of snow and ice, ladder damage and pest invasion.
  • Fits Standard Gutters
  • Available in 5" and 6" sizes to fit new and existing gutters.
  • Also Available in Copper 5" and 6" retro-fit copper for most existing gutter systems
  • Simple Installation
  • Mounts directly to gutter. No lifting shingles...which may cause other repair headaches or void your roof warranty!
  • Keeps Water Flowing
  • Patented Aluma-Perf™ technology keeps leaves, needles, seeds and twigs out...and off...in normal wind conditions.

For more information about their products visit: www.leaf-relief.com