OSI® didn't start in a lab. It started on a job site, which is still our favorite place to be. It's only at a job site working shoulder-to-shoulder with the people who use our products that we fully understand the needs of residential builders, contractors and remodelers. It's there that we earn the expertise to make the world's best professional-grade caulks, sealants and adhesives - and a reputation built on quality and results. It's only at a job site that we find the insights necessary to be first-to-market with products that meet the ever-changing demands and practices of the building industry.

OSI® combines that tough real-world experience and deep understanding of the trades with the sophisticated global innovation and manufacturing excellence of Henkel Adhesives Technologies.

We offer:
  • OSI® Professional Grade Products for your project
  • OSI® Pro-Series® adhesives & sealants designed to meet the demanding requirements of the professional building trades. Contractors and Builders depend on Henkel to deliver quality adhesives and caulk sealants for superior results.

For more information about their products visit: www.osipro.com